1. I sometimes get frustrated with my kids but I would NEVER put them in a washing machine.

  2. This isn’t a fail, but made me laugh.

  3. Hmmm… as I Canadian myself, I wonder why we can’t be slaves… 

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  4. Wow… but if there was a second one, it would be very disappointing. 

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  5. What!…. but i do love my nutella.

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  6. a valid question, if you are blind, can’t taste, and have no arms… 

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  7. Catnip is the new crack… hmmm.

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  8. Narnia, bears, fridges, and giraffes… Oh google you kill me.

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  9. happilygazingon:

    Google fail

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  10. How do you google something when you are googling????